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Pretty Good WOD Today

I felt fine after doing the WOD yesterday. My fever hadn’t come back, so I wanted to do a WOD that was a bit longer and push myself at least a little harder. Of course, I wanted to avoid jumping in and go all out at a hundred percent like I normally do, but I wanted to go faster than the past few WODs.

I remembered an old Street Parking WOD that I did recently that had dips in it. They don’t seem to program some of the more advanced stuff like that anymore. It’s just an observation, not a complaint. I like doing dips myself since I’m pretty good at them. They were one of those things I tried and failed at early on in my Crossfit training, but quickly picked them up.

We have the bike now, and I am finding that I am really able to pace that well. I do much better at properly acing on that thing that I do with the rower, and I haven’t the slightest idea as to why I can. Today was no different and I kept that at a nice steady rate. Molly was reading off the RPMs to me every so often and it was very steady unless I purposely upped it for the last few calories.

The dips were a non issue. I got through them easily. The first set was unbroken, then ten and five and finally three sets of five on the final set I did.

In the end I think I was a round off from the last time I did this AMRAP, but that time I used the rower which I have ten years of practice on. I also wasn’t being deliberately slower due to getting over an illness. I was happy with the WOD and more importantly really pleased with how fast my heart rate recovered.