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Struggled With My WOD Today

I did a WOD today. It wasn’t a difficult one on paper, but it was a real struggle for me to just complete it.

It was physically painful to just keep moving. So much lactic acid that the thrusters, very light ones at that since they were a sub for wall balls, made my legs be on fire like they couldn’t keep moving.

I completed the WOD well within the goal time. Slower than last time six months ago as it was a vault WOD, but I found the mental drive to fight it. Not every day will be a PR type of day.

Even when we went for our evening walk, my legs felt a lot like they were just dead weight. The short walk through turned in to 1¾ miles or so. It turned out to be a super nice evening to get out and go for a nice walk. Next week, when it’s hotter, it won’t be so nice.

Music for the WOD was Acid Bath.