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Deadlifts And A Rowing Endurance WOD

I slept okay last night. Not great, but not bad either. I felt refreshed enough when I woke up. I drank my coffee while enjoying it and browsing the web this morning. This morning, I also played some Goat Simulator 3 while waiting for the mail and a reasonable time to lift. My watch didn’t record my sleep overnight, and my body battery seems to be off today. That’s two nights in a row that it acted strangely. I’ll have to keep an eye on it.

I headed out to the garage close to 9 o’clock to get started on my deadlifts. My legs are still feeling like dead weight from yesterday, so I thought these pulls would be interesting today. Much to my surprise, the lighter sets felt great this morning. I found myself working through the sets faster than I would like, so I had to try to purposely slow things down.

The working sets were fairly light today, but I still didn’t want to be too burned out by the time I got to them. The final AMRAP called for three at two hundred and fifty pounds. I made three reps and stopped there. I felt the slightest unevenness in my back. There were reps left in the tank, but I chose to play it safe today. I put my weights away, then decided I wanted to get a WOD in nice and early today. I wanted something longer, too. The most important thing is that I felt like I was really moving well with them today. Unfortunately, I didn’t record them since the weight was so light.

As I was looking at WODs to do, I remembered an older endurance one that was eight rounds of rowing five hundred meters, then resting two minutes. If I do this workout, I can kill two birds with one stone, I thought. It would be longer, and I could work on getting my rhythm back on the rower.

Something clicked with rowing the other day, and it felt a ton better than it has in a long time. I had the rower facing the other way and be much further away from the wall. It was pretty close to the middle of the floor. The distraction of worrying about bumping into the plants beside me or the dryer behind me seemed to be gone and allowed me to have much stronger pulls and actually finish it.

I noticed the same thing today with my rowing. The pulls were much stronger and more consistent. I was still sloppy at times, but it felt like such a vast improvement. I think another thing that is helping me is that my wrist isn’t bothering me.

Each round was at least a slight improvement over the previous ones, except for the last one. By then, I was pretty fatigued. I will have to try to keep up with this, and hopefully the improvement will stick. I had some of my best splits in years. It’s still nowhere near the best i’ve ever had, but at least it was more reasonable.

Music for the WOD was Alkaloid