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Hot Day For A Double WODS Day

After a nice relatively cool night in the low 60s for sleeping the sun came up. The temperature shot up to the mid 90s.

I, unfortunately waited until 1 pm or so to do the first WOD I did. I didn’t feel like moving shit around and I was going to do the running version so I wanted to wait until the sun got high enough it wasn’t blinding me.

I did all the waiting around for nothing because I decided to just do the rowing version of the WOD. I thought I could push myself a little more that way not having worry about traffic and all that shit.

The first part was every 2 mines for 5 rounds row 250 meters than do 15 push ups. That felt good enough albeit sweaty. Then it was rest 2 minutes and do 5 more rounds doing 10 burpees and 10 pull ups every 2 minutes. I missed 1 round of that being careful with my hand starting to feel raw. I certainly could have done it but I just didn’t want it to tear. I have birthday burpee pull ups to do next week.

Later on when Molly got home we did a WOD together out on the patio Sandbag front squats, bent over slams and skipping over the bag. That went better than expected considering it was more tripping over the bag for me. It was late in the afternoon and the hottest part of the day. Luckily there’s some sun on the patio where we did the WOD too. I managed to finish it but I was overheated

It was our night to eat out which the past few months has meant take out. We’ve been getting Mosby’s wings and drinks along with burgers tonight. That was really good. I do hope that Pennsylvania continues to allow take out drinks. It’s going to be some time since we’re willing to go out to a place to eat. I like having my lung capacity that I’ve worked so hard to build.