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A Pretty Good Improvement On A Repeat WOD Today

Sometimes improvements are small little hidden details and other times they’re so blatantly obvious like today’s WOD. The WOD called for 4 3 minute AMRAPS of six pull ups and six hang cleans with the sandbag.

Today It felt pretty good other than my hand wanting to rip. I forgot the granddaughter had chalk all over the tape on the bar that Molly like to use. That just made it way too grippy for me and my hands weren’t feeling great from the get go. The pumped up humidity today only exasperated that. I got through it though with only a little bit of a raw feeling on my hands. That’ll be normal tomorrow. I’ve always preferred not even using chalk unless I absolutely have to. To me it seems like it dries out my hands and makes them feel worse than without any chalk.

Last time we did the WOD earlier this year I ended up with nine rounds plus some reps. Today I wound up completing an even twelve rounds. Not too shabby for not even killing myself on the WOD if I do say so myself. It was too hot to really push it today. I had turned the air conditioner on but it wasn’t really seeming to be all that much of a help and I didn’t want to sit around and wait to do the WOD. The originally plan was to knock out two WODS today but the other one I planned on doing was somewhat hand intensive, rowing and lots of kettle bell swings, so I am thinking now it would probably be wise to pass on that for the day.

Any all all improvements are welcome to me but it it’s always nice when they stand out so much so you can’t second guess your achievement thinking stupid things like maybe I had a bad day last time or maybe I didn’t try hard enough.