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Did Tough WOD With My Beat Up Legs

I don’t think I slept very well last night. I think little things kept waking me up. When I woke up, I wasn’t feeling not fully recovered. I doubt I ate enough food yesterday to support what I did to make things worse. The tough bike WODs that I have been doing probably weren’t all that helpful either.

After I got the mail, I decided to look for and get a WOD in before it got too late in the day and I got lazy or justified why I don’t need to do a WOD. Later tonight we’ll walk over to Joy’s, so it has to be done before then. The one programmed for today didn’t really interest me. It’s one of those that wanted you to do a few different things every two minutes or something like that. I can never remember what the things are and with my poor eyesight, I can’t just glance at the board, so they’re not all that useful for me.

I wanted to find me a WOD to do that, I thought, would be pretty challenging but doable. My legs are really feeling beat up from the assault bike, since it’s a bit of a different stimulus than I am used to getting. I think that bike will turn out to be a great addition to our toolkit.

Today’s WOD began with high reps of dumbbell deadlifts. That went a little slower than I would have liked, but at the same time I kept a steady and fairly meticulous pace at them. With my legs feeling so tired, I would rather not compensate with my back on these. I don’t need an injury and would like to avoid teaching myself a bad habit that could lead to a trashed back down the line. High reps of deadlifts just don’t thrill me, and dumbbell Deadlifts are a little awkward for me.

Next up, I had sixty air squats. That wasn’t too bad, but I did break them up a bit more than normal. I kept the fact that I am early in the WOD in the back of my mind for them.

Last up for the sets of sixty, I had to do sixty push-ups. I can do push-ups no problem, but high reps are not the easiest for me. I just don’t know where and when to break, so I don’t hit that wall. This was the slowest section for me as I would have expected. I suspect all the burpees I did the day before yesterday may have been a factor in making this go a little rougher than It normally would have.

Finally, I was onto the smaller sets, but my heart rate was already jacked. I started off with thirty power cleans, Those didn’t go too badly. I did sets of nine, nine, six, and six. These are a little awkward for me still, but at least I finally am able to somewhat cycle them. I refuse to let myself just curl the dumbbell like so many people do. That would be a curl, not a power clean.

Back to squats again, but this time they’re weighted. At least there were only thirty of them. Squats are where I can do pretty well. Granted, the dumbbell ones are a little slower for me, so I don’t get too sloppy with balance, but I got through them in sets of fifteen. The only reason I broke was to try to keep my heart rate in check for the final round.

Last up for the WOD was the thirty push presses. These went pretty quickly. I am able to cycle them quickly enough, and I didn’t have to save energy for anything or keep my heart rate in check. I went with sets of twelve, eleven, and nine for these and got through them no problem. Hell, half of the last set was just strict presses.

It was a great WOD, as I remembered it being the other times I did it. It fit the bill perfectly for what I wanted to do today. I used the RX weight, but was a little off on the goal time. I expected that, though. Before I even started, I knew how I was feeling and took it a slight bit slower than normal. My goal was to get a moderately long WOD in and get my heart rate up, and that’s just it did for me.

Music Today was Slayer