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Not Feeling The Heavy Squats Today But Got Them Done

Today was one of those days. While I thought I slept pretty good, I woke up feeling a bit tired. I also had that annoying post nasal drip in my throat. It was just enough to annoy me, but there’s really no way to get it out.

Drinking my coffee did help some. It’s almost like the steam helps. Besides, coffee is good. I don’t really think I drink it for the caffeine. It’s jut smell and flavor of coffee that actually makes me want it. I went through the news and thought about what I wanted to do in the garage today. It was a day that I wasn’t at all feeling like doing anything, but I knew I should get out there, but I had to. It’s too easy for one lazy day to lead into another, then another, and then next thing you know it’s weeks. Of course, it’s one thing if I need a break, but I was just feeling lazy today.

Given the way I was feeling, I got changed and went into the garage to get my squats done early. I mean, I could always walk away from them if I need to, right? My legs felt tired when I was doing a get blood flowing set with just the empty bar. I knew then that it was going to be an interesting day.

I worked up through the increasingly heavy sets at a slower pace than I normally do. My legs were feeling dead, and the bar was feeling heavy this morning. Even so, I felt okay working my way up in weight, so I kept going.

My final set of five plus reps was at two hundred and seventy pounds today. Of course, the weight felt heavy today. It felt much heavier than it should have, but I got through my five reps with no problems at all. I stopped at the fifth, but when I watched the video, I can see that I should have gone for more. My form looked just about as perfect as it can for me through those five reps. The squats also looked easy for me. They didn’t feel that way, but it’s how it appeared in the video.

Late in the afternoon, I decided it was time to finally get a WOD in. I found an old one that looked tough earlier in the day and that’s the one I decided to do. It was simple on paper. Bike 15 calories then two devil presses. The catch was that each round, the devil press number increases. There’s always a catch!

In the twenty minutes, I made it halfway through the round of devil presses. Of course, I was short of the goal, but not as far from making it as I believed I’d be. The bike is still petty slow for me, but it’s getting better. I used the forty pound dumbbells for the devil presses. I really do like that exercise! Surprisingly, I got through my sets unbroken until the round of eight. I had to rest my hands for a second because of the blisters on my fingers from the row yesterday. Pretty sure that I would have gotten through the round of twelve for sure If I didn’t have to go back and forth through the house between the bike and devil press in the garage.

It was a fun WOD like I thought it would be. IO also thought that, it was a particularly nasty workout, but that’s wheat I was looking for today. I will absolutely be redoing this one in the future.

Music today was Alkaloid