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Back To My Deadlifts

I really slept well last night. I didn’t wake up at all, so I had to take my thyroid pill this morning early. Molly’s alarm woke me up, so I got up and grabbed it then. I went back to bed, thinking I could possibly doze off for a few minutes. Wrong! All I wound up doing was lying there, wide awake, on my tablet. My brain was wide awake. To add to that, I smelled the coffee as I was walking past the stairway, so that’s where my mind was.

Eventually, I got up once I had enough time for my stomach to absorb the levothyroxine. I’m not sure how much it actually matters since I drink my coffee black, but still, I try to wait. From what I understand, what really matters is that you do the same thing consistently. For me, that’s on an empty stomach.

I was feeling pretty good and well rested. Once the mail got here, I got changed and made the long trip to the gym. It’s really just out the kitchen door. I figured I’d see how the deadlifts felt with my hand, which has been fine.

I began with the light warm-up sets and realized that my hand would most likely be fine. I expected that before I started, but stranger things have happened. The bar was feeling pretty heavy, but I was moving really well.

The weights for the working sets today were only moderately heavy, since I lowered my training max after my last fail. That was an added bonus for the slight concern I had with my hand. The weight felt really great and was not overly heavy like the warm-up sets felt. My final three plus AMRAP set was just three plus reps at a modest two hundred and fifty-five pounds. They felt perfect and looked great in my video. I stopped after the fourth rep because I felt it just ever so slightly in my palm, but I didn’t have to stop.

For most of the rest of the day, I spent it doing nothing useful. I did finally remember to look up a song on YouTube that’s been stuck in my head since the Eagles game. I don’t understand why, but the song Wild World by Cat Stevens popped up in my head during halftime Monday evening and has been stuck in my brain since. For no reason at all, it just started playing in my head out of the blue on Monday.

Music for deadlifts was Orange Goblin

When Molly got home, I finally decided to stop being lazy and get a workout in. The WOD was a ladder of rowing and push presses. My goal was to get back up to the 35-pound dumbbells with the thicker handles to test out my hand. The sets of five, ten, and fifteen push presses were all unbroken. Around fourteen into the set of twenty, I became aware of the fact that I was being overly ambitious, thinking that’d be unbroken. I guess the rower cooked my shoulders a bit too. The set of twenty-five was broken into thirteen and twelve. Those last two rounds really got my heart jumping.

It was a great workout that killed me in the end but was a nice quick recovery. It was a successful one, too, since my hand was fine throughout the WOD. I’ll have to start using the forties or fifties in WODs again, depending on the movements and rep schemes.

Music for the WOD was Salem