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Crossfit 21.2 WOD In The Books

I signed up for the Crossfit open this year but I am not officially logging my WODs. I didn’t realize beforehand that a video was required to log it and I don’t want to go through the trouble of doing that. I thought I remembered in the past that a video might be requested to qualify but I’ll personally not do very well so I wasn’t concerned with it. Oh well, I can still do the WODs and the personal test as I was going to do and that’s just what I did this morning.

I ended up deciding to do the scaled version of the open WOD for today since that is what would work best with the space I have available. I may do the RXed version this weekend if the weather is more conducive to taking the box outside where there’s more failure space on the burpee box jump overs. I also thought it would be wise to stick with the lighter weight for today since It’s been a good while since I’ve done dumbbell snatches with the 50 pound dumbbell.

I was a little disappointed with my score but it was just misreading the time. I had hoped I would complete all the required reps in the twenty minute time cap with the scaled version but I came up just short with a score of 213. I thought I had a minute longer than I did and broke up the last round of 50 dumbbell snatches up too much.

The slow part for me were the burpee step ups. Being visually impaired there’s two key places that I can easily fuck them up and take an extra second to become aware of my spacial surroundings. The first thing I don’t want to do is face plant into the box while going down for the chest to floor part of the burpee by being too close to the box. I’ve done that with burpees over the bar before. Luckily it was just the top of my head barely grazing the bar.

I also did another WOD that was basically sandbag back squats and hop overs. The hop over went a lot faster for me than they typically do. The back squats were a non issue for me. It wasn’t too bad.

Finally I saw the street parking vault WOD announcement and decided to just get it over with. Lungesters and burpees over the dumbbells. That looks like fun said no one ever. Seriously though it was actually a fun and challenging WOD. It was nice to have a vault WOD that I wasn’t at least slightly limited by vision. I sure picked a hell of a WOD to do after the other two for my third of the day. Half way through the 2nd round of the first half was when I realized I had fucked up. My legs were on fire. I only used the 25 pound dumbbells and it was a rough one for me. Maybe I could have gone heavier and I feel like on a fresh day I could maybe do the RXed weight for the lungesters. I’ve used it in a WOD once before and didn’t die.

Although I was exhausted and felt like a zombie we managed to go for a walk through town while waiting for our Harvey’s food to be ready to pick up. I still don’t know how I managed the energy for that considering I could barely even eat