Fitness and everything else


So in Crossfit yesterday preparing for the open we redid 14.1 and I noticed a world of difference this year from last.. Score of 98 vs 70 I think from last year. Back then my snatches were ugly with poor form. I was just starting to get it and double unders were a real struggle.

This year the power snatches aren’t great form but I believe it’s much improved over last. I’ve got work to do on them but progress is happening. They were light but even my max is light because I just didn’t know how to make my elbows lock out until very recently so I always thought of safety over weight. I can’t wait to max again. Maybe I’ll do that next week. Took a month or so off from lifting due to real life stuff interfering and not being able to focus.

Double unders are still not something I am good at. I can’t seem to string them together. My brain gets in the “holy shit you got one” mode every time. Practice should fix that. I’m just not one that is good at the coordination type of thing. I think low vision hurts me with them and I learn to become more aware of where in space the cable is at any given time.

The main point is improvements are happening. They may not be big all the time but the smallest breakthroughs help a lot. I’m not at the level now that had hoped to be right now but I am older and n