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Pull ups

After doing the WOD this morning I realized that the bench was out of the way of the pull up bar so I gave l pull ups a shot again. For quite a while I’ve been able to do sloppy ones but yesterday they looked and felt nicer than ever before.

Pretty cool being able to do stuff that I don’t even practice as much as I should. I really haven’t worked on strict pull ups in months other than a few here or there or some weighted ones here and there. I love being able to do things now in my 40s that I couldn’t do when I was much younger. As a teenager I just couldn’t do pull ups no matter how hard I tried. Now If I see a tree branch the right height and it looks strong enough I’ll do them right there as I am walking past.

I see so many people my age that are out of breath from walking across the street and struggle to stand up from sitting down. That to me is sort of sad. I don’t want to get like that and refuse to allow it to happen unless it’s do to something uncontrollable like an injury or disease.