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So Far With Street Parking I've Been Able To Keep The Intensity Up

Doing Today’s WOD I realized that I am able to to keep the intensity high with the WODS from street parking which really is the main purpose of doing them in this manner. The movements have been put together in a way that there’s not the things I can do well and fast with one that I am not good at thrown in every day.

I am much more comfortable with running here during the day. There’s hardly ever any traffic in the ally and when when their is it’s usually a truck to the businesses which I can see or hear from a mile away. In at the old Crossfit gym running always slowed be down because it was either in the parking lot where we all know people get fucking stupid when they’re driving or crossing a somewhat busy street to run longer distances in an ally.

They also seemed to have knack for throwing in something I’m not good at such as overhead squats. Sure I can do them but they’re light and slow for the time being. Hopefully some day I can eventually make my brain / muscle connections grasp the movement patterns that need to occur. They were also good at putting in double unders with the Crossfit punishment scale.