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We Did A Deadlift WOD Outside Today

It got reasonably nice outside today with a temperature near 70 and the sun was shining. The WOD for today was a sort of a deadlift ladder with a 100 meter run between sets so it was the perfect one to do out in the backyard. It was nice to be able to just drop the last rep of the deadlifts. I miss being able to drop it but don’t want to destroy our garage floor or potentially annoy the neighbors too much. I miss the satisfying thud of the weight hitting the ground!

I went with 205 pounds for the RX+ option and was pretty happy with how I did. My one hip has been a little tight so I went a bit slower than I normally would have but I’m okay with that. Without the tightness I probably would have just gone with 225.

After the WOD it was nice to relax and unwind in the sun on the patio after the annoying part of bringing all of our WOD shit back into the garage. We even got to eat supper outside. Finally had a Saturday that wasn’t rainy or windy as hell. Sadly our enjoyment got cut short by burning eyes and choking on smoke from multiple fire pits going.