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Did My Strength Today, Did Not Finish The WOD

The squats really looked and felt awesome at 235. I am very happy with my progress back to where I should be with squats even if that hasn’t translate directly to numbers on a page it will. Better movement patterns will certainly eventually lead to that along with safer reps.

The strict press was light again at 95 pounds but they felt good.

The power cleans felt excellent and looked pretty fucking good too at 165 pounds. I was supposed to do 160 today but I did the math wrong. I was thinking wrong. They were super fast and explosive which I was happy with. Maybe I can finally move being the 180s for consistent multi rep sets soon! That’s definitely a mental block for me not wanting to drop the plates on the garage floor and the fact it’s close to or above body weight.

The WOD was a failure though. It wasn’t surprising at all. I wasn’t feeling it at all before even starting it but figured if I needed to I could just stop and that’s just what I did. The sandbag hang to overhead felt find but the bear hug carries felt weird on my one hip. I think with those I just over exaggerate favoring one side due to my eyes. I am thinking about maybe practicing them outside of a WOD setting. My hands being a little bitched up from the pas couple of days didn’t help matters all that much either nor did not quite trusting the sandbag not to leak like the old one did.