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Good To Be Back In The Home Gym

Last week my girlfriend had vacation. The weather was mostly nice with warm November temperatures getting into the seventies and even close to eight one days. It’s the last we’ll see weather like that for a few months at least. It was even mostly dry out, besides when we had the rain from Nicole’s remnants. I had been feeling pretty run down and with the weather, I decided to take the week off from lifting and WODs to get a full recovery in. I also didn’t want to have those things over my head when we were thinking about geocaching.

Yesterday I got back at a WOD, and today I got back at my 5/3/1. I totally forgot that last week was the singles’ week, so I missed that. I decided to start back at the fives and keep my training maxes to the same numbers as the last cycle..

I did my back squats at up to two hundred and forty five pounds again for the AMRAP set. I got eight at that and after seeing my video I really should have kept going. My squjats looked great today. I felt slow at them but the video showed the opposite.

After catching my breath and lowering the weight to the hundred and ninety pounds, I did my widow maker set. That felt great for those twenty reps, but it’s not that heavy, and I am pretty accustomed to the big sets now. Of course, my heart rate got high, but not as high as I expected it too. They felt great and looked great.

After I ate something and recovered a bit, I found a WOD to do. The one programmed for today was one I swore I’d never do again. It was just a convoluted shitshow for me the last time trying to remember the proper movements for the complex. The one I chose to do was with the sandbag with an increasing rep scheme starting at two for each movement. It was hanged power cleans then push press which I just strict pressed and then front rack lunges. I felt good with this one and actually slightly exceeded the goal reps in the time. Today, I Didn’t really feel like I was pushing myself, either. It was more of a hold back a little, so I don’t die on those bigger sets type of WOD. Even the sets of fourteen, I did the movements unbroken. I only dropped the sandbag between each movement after the set of ten round.

As great as it was to take that break last week and play outside, I am happy to be back out in the home gym.

Music For today was Cynic