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Lifts Felt Better Than I Expected This Morning

On Friday, we got our COVID-19 booster shot finally. I didn’t want to, but did it anyway. I will leave it at that. It was the right thing to do.

I did a WOD Saturday morning and felt like shit with a headache. I did surprisingly okay at that WOD, though. As I proceeded with that WOD, my head felt worse. I hadn’t slept well Friday night and that only made me feel worse. The actual headache started just about 18 hours after the shot on the spot, like it has the other ones.

After I finished up with my WOD, we did some running around and that sort of thing. My head felt progressively worse, and then the fever started. By then the low fever was there too. I guess it’s a good thing that my immune system reacted, though.

This morning I woke up feeling much better with a lower resting heart rate and everything. I got caught up in doing some things before I realized it was about 10:00 am and got changed to go out into the garage.

I began my lifting session with the back squat. Two hundred and ten pounds was the weight to do today. My knee is feeling a little inflamed today, plus with how I felt yesterday, I decided to stick with the three sets of five. Other than my knee feeling wonky, they felt pretty good. Molly said they were super deep and looked easy. I didn’t record any sets with my phone today, so I couldn’t see for myself. It felt good to be back under the bar.

The strict presses came up next. I did my three sets of five of these at one hundred and two pounds, and they felt pretty tough today. My arm that had the shot is just feeling a tad bit weak, but nothing to stop me. I made the choice then to not do anything extra with them, even though I normally would at this low of a weight.

Finally, for my lifting today, I moved on to power cleans. One hundred and fifty pounds for five triples was on the agenda for today. By the time I got to these, I was feeling much better in the knee. It had loosened up. I think I’d overstretched it when I was playing around before the squats. The cleans were the best feeling lifts of the day. I felt like my timing was spot on, and I was super explosive. I had nice high and quick elbows to go along with it.

After the final rep of the first triple, I held the bar in the front rack for a few seconds, contemplating on whether I should try strict press it. I ultimately decided against it with having just had the shot, but thought that if I was still feeling good at the end of my cleans I would attempt that strict press. When that final set came along, I was feeling even better than earlier on in the cleans, so I did decide to give press a shot. I could always abort it, after all. I am glad I did attempt it because that was definitely one of the easiest strict presses that I did at a fairly heavy weight. My girlfriend said that was impressed with how it looked. That was a 150 pound strict press, which is only ten pounds under my all-time one rep max. That makes me hopeful that maybe I can get aggressive with pressing again.

Music today was Virus