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Lifting And A WOD Went Well On This First Hot Day Of The Year

I slept pretty well last night. I got woken up a few times but was able to fall back to sleep, unlike many times when I just wind up laying there awake. It cooled off pretty nicely last night, and the fan pulling in the outside air felt good.

I woke up feeling pretty energetic and was ready to get my ass out in the garage for my lifts as soon as I could. I drank my coffee first and browsed the news a bit first. It was very humid and foggy but thankfully not hot yet, so I wanted to get at least my lifting session in the books before the heat kicked in.

The morning in the garage with one of my favorite lifts to do. Back squats! These were a light two hundred and ten pounds for me today, and I took my time due to the heat and worked my way through the three sets of five. I was feeling good, so I turned it into five sets and easily made my way through the squats. They felt a lot better than the past couple of times, since I am feeling any more tightness in my hip. It wasn’t bad. It was just enough to make me be aware of it. The important thing is I wasn’t feeling it at all today. Of course, I was moving well, but I felt like I was moving well today.

The bench press was next on today’s list. I had to do a light to moderate weight of one hundred and fifty-five pounds for my three sets of five today. They felt great today. My bench pressing felt better than it has in a very long time. It was a much more even pressing then I have at times. It certainly is helpful that by some dumb luck I got the bench lined up correctly. I went ahead and threw in two extra sets for extra work. I got through them pretty quickly without needing too much rest.

Last up for my early morning lifting session was the good mornings. With my hip not feeling as tight, I bumped the weight on these back up to one hundred and fifteen pounds for my three sets of ten. Something felt different about them, but in a good way. Twice I went to record them but forgot to click record on my phone. One of those days.

I drank my protein and ate something after I completed my lifts. By this time, the sun was out, and it was rapidly heating the air both outside and inside. I didn’t bring the air conditioner down for just one day of heat, but I will have to think about it soon. With the heat, I debated on whether I wanted to do a WOD. I wanted to do one, but didn’t know how my body would tolerate the heat. Eventually, I decided that fuck it, I would do a WOD. Worst-case scenario, I walk away or slow down due to the heat.

I chose a WOD eventually from next week to do. It was just thrusters and rowing. With the heat, I went lighter than I normally would have for the thrusters, using only the twenty-five pound dumbbells instead of the Rx weight of forty pounds. I figured my hands would get super sweaty, and they did. Chalk would help with the dumbbells, but I’d prefer not to get it on the new rower handle since it seems not to want to come off and eventually between that and the oils it just gets sticky.

I had wisely turned the fan on before beginning the WOD. I didn’t have it pointed the right direction at first, but fixed that during the rest between the rounds. From the start, I was feeling pretty much on the verge of cramping. I am just acclimated to the heat yet, but I will work on that until it’s time for the air conditioner. I did readably okay at the WOD. By the time I completed the WOD I was pleasantly surprised because I thought I would have been way off from the goal.

Music For was Black Sabbath.