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Knocked Out My Strength And Some Extras This Morning

What do you know? I slept good and I’m still feeling pretty good. I woke up too early and couldn’t go to sleep but that wasn’t for lack of trying. I was just laying there wide awake for a good 45 minutes after taking my levothyroxine. I kept smelling the coffee and it smelled good so finally I just got up and drank my coffee. I decided to attack my strength pretty early this morning.

First up were my front squats at 185 pounds for three sets of five. Me being me I misread it and did the working sets at 190 pounds instead. They were light and it was good and all but I even pulled off the 2.5 pound change plates thinking it wasn’t right hem placed the back on without double checking my notes. They felt really good today. I’m not favoring my non angry side at all now so that’s a good thing. That tells me it’s better.

Next up I had my strict presses at 97 pounds for the three sets of five. These felt great today and my lockout is seriously better now that it was before with just a couple of days of using a theragun. Granted the weight’s light but still it felt really good today.

Next up were my deadlifts. I did these at 235 pounds for five sets of three. The original weight for this session was 275 but I thought I’d be smart and lower the weight since I just had that side issue a week or so ago plus using the theragun and feeling looser. It’s not about how much weight I’m moving now, it’s more about moving it as consistently as I can. These felt awesome today but the weight felt a bit heavier than it should have.

I also decided to mix in some light snatch grip deadlifts at 135 for five sets of three. I haven’t done these in a while but they felt good today. I went way light with them for the reasons above but they felt good.

Next up I did three sets of 10 hip thrusts at 135 pounds. This was very light for me with these but on the other hand it’s been quite a while since I’ve done these. Maybe last summer if I am remembering correctly. They’re something I’ve absolutely been meaning to add back in but kept forgetting about it or if I did think about it I was sort of in a rush because we were going some place or didn’t want my girlfriend to have to wait for me to use the garage gym herself. It definitely felt great to add these back into the mix.

I also figured I’d give hamstring curls a try using the box. I stumbled on these the other day and more hamstring stuff for me is always a good thing given I’m quad dominate and my deadlift max is barely above if not the same as my squat max. The fact that I’ve switched from back to front squats is even more reason to include hamstring and glue stuff.

Music this morning was Reverend Bizarre