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Great Day Lifting Today

I really felt like I had a great day in the garage this morning performing my lifts. There really is no such thing as a bad day lifting when it’s successful though and today was that way. I just felt well rested and in a good state of mind for a change so I could really focus on my task at hand. That was to pick heavy shit up and put it back down.

First things first I did my back squats. The weight on these is starting to get a bit up there. I wouldn’t call it heavy yet but I am definitely able to feel it more now. It’s starting to feel heavy on my shoulders. I did my three sets of five at 230 pounds today after of course working up to it. I moved through these sets quickly and easily which was nice.

I rested a few minutes then lowered the weight down to 175 pounds to give my 20 rep squats a try. It’s the first time I’ve done them since I had COVID and it’s been about a month now. Last time I did them they were at 200 pounds but I would be stupid to jump right into the heavier weight but didn’t feel it’s necessary to lower it fully so I took an in between approach. I got through the set of 20 at just about 8 pounds short of body weight with ease today. They felt really good and had no sloppy reps. I didn’t know whether I’d be able to focus on them today and the breathing having not done them in a while but it was fine. I’ll be back up to 200 pounds in about a month if all goes well.

The strict presses felt really good for my three sets of five at 115 pounds. I jumped up from last session whether than repeating the weight I was originally supposed to do today. Last time I’d copied the wrong line. Shit happens sometimes. The weight’s getting up there on these so the last reps of each set were a bit challenging. Nothing close to failure but a bit more challenging.

Finally the deadlifts. These were what I am feeling the best about. It’s not necessarily that they were heavy. The 265 pounds was merely a moderate weight for me but it’s getting on the higher end of that. I did triples for the first two then singles for last three sets. My grip was giving out a bit as I don’t like using mixed grip until I have to and for some reason hook grip wasn’t clicking today.

After performing today’s dead lifts I can say with certainty that the 2 pood belt I bought is going to be a huge help. I feel like I am already learning to use it but I am still playing a bit with position and tightness. It’s going to take time to get it just right. Once I do that I have no intentions of using it except for very heavy weights but I want to practice and get a feel for it before doing that the first time.

I was really happy with how today’s lifting went. I wasn’t sure what to expect today after my knees were really angry at me yesterday. Hell I wasn’t even sure why they were pissed at me because I couldn’t remember doing anything to them.

The music choice for the lifting today was Deeds Of Flesh.