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A Great And Very Busy Day In The Garage Today

I had a great night’s sleep last night. The past couple of night’s I’ve woken up a few times or something woke me up but not last night.

I felt good this morning and was ready to get moving on my strength shortly after I finished drinking m coffee. I thought I might be a bit worn out after yesterday’s tougher WOD that I did. It had my back a little lit up and glutes too with the sandbag burden run. I did sprint the first 200 meters of each run as I was running away from the sun which was fairly low in the horizon by that point. Towards the sun was impossible to run as I couldn’t see shit and there are idiots that drive in the ally.

First up for my strength this morning were my fairly light front squats at 205 pounds. For them I went and did an extra two sets for five sets of five because I was feeling really good and they were light. Last time I did them they felt a lot tougher than they should have for the light weight and all. Thankfully today they felt and looked great allowing me to easily work through my sets plus the extras too.

Next up for today were the shoulder presses and a nice heavy 127 pounds. I made my three sets of five strict presses with zero issues at all which was really a nice surprise. Number one it’s a heavy weight for me to be repping the presses and number two after dealing with my arm being so pissy for months it was a great feeling to not feel it at all. There’s certainly more in the tank for these so long as my arm allows for it. I’ve been playing it by feel a lot with that.

Once I was done with the strict presses it was time to move on to my power cleans. These were heavy for me for triples at the 180 pounds but I made them all pretty easily today. They looked great too! I would imagine that if I was more willing to drop the bar rather than control it down I’d be able to eek out a bit of a heavier weight on these cleans but I don’t want to be that annoying neighbor and I’d prefer not to break the concrete floor underneath the mats. I was super explosive with getting under these today and had nice quick elbows to go along with it. Sometimes when they get on the heavier end of the spectrum I hesitate with the elbows and miss because I was over thinking it. Today that didn’t happen.

I also did four sets of ten ring dips and ring rows. I feel like both of these exercises are a good addition since it’s a movement in a different plane of movement than I do so much of. These felt good today.

After finishing with my strength I grabbed the cushions for the chair and took advantage of the mid seventies temperature and sunshine and sat out on the patio to collect some vitamin D. I almost fell asleep in the sun.

Today’s programmed WOD was one that just wasn’t good for me visually. It was hop overs (or go in and out and struggle to find my jump rope to do single unders and then readjust for weighted step ups.) Given the 90 second clock I knew it was unlikely I’d get even close to the goal with wasting valuable time switching and getting situated with both these visually challenging movements.

I found an older one to do instead that was one I am able to hit the intensity with. It was simply three rounds of 20 back squats and 15 pull ups. I made the goal time easily with the WOD even using the 115 pounds for the RX+ option of the WOD. I even took the back squats a bit slower being conscious to set up for each rep. No matter what the movement is or how comfortable I am with performing it I go out of my way to let let it be shitty form and risk injury. It was a fun and surprisingly challenging WOD

Later on when Molly got home we did our bro session. It was such a nice day out and the patio was sunny so we brought our benches outside today along with the dumbbells to do it outside. That was really a nice change of scenery for it. We’d looked forward to doing that all summer but with the tree dropping large limbs even on clear and calm days we waited until it was gone. Once the tree was finally removed it was to humid out or the weather was uncooperative and that’s not even mentioning the massive amounts of mosquitoes this summer.

With the other things I did in the garage gym today I kept the weights lighter at 40 pounds for the bench press and triceps extensions. I did use the same 40s for the strict presses and they felt good. The curls were a little tougher today but I think it was just sweaty hands. Out of pure laziness I stuck with the 40s for shrugs. I didn’t feel like grabbing heavier ones to bring outside today. It was a good day and the sun felt great. I do believe I picked up a little bit of sun burn today.

Music today was Pearl Jam.

After supper it was obviously cooler but still mild and made for a great walk under the full moon. It was a really nice evening walk and nice to see the full moon and a few Halloween decorations along the way.

Full Moon

Here is a picture of the full moon while we were out for our evening walk