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I Still Think Of The Kind Words Mike Jenkins Said To Me

Occasionally, You meet someone, and they say nice things that just stick with you. I have had a couple of teachers that are that way.

It started in 2013 Very shortly after we began doing Crossfit, another local gym was doing Grace as a fundraiser for one of their members who had cancer or something. That was Crossfit Gamma owned by Mike Jenkins the strong man. Well, I did grace with Only 95 pounds and shit form. It was light, so it was okay, but I am disgusted when I look at the video of some of those reps now. I do have to keep reminding myself that I was only a month into this whole Crossfit journey and still learning pretty much everything.

We watched other people do the WOD and two of the best Crossfiters in the local area at the time go head to head. That was very cool. The Mike Jenkins did so.

We went home after that, but a few weeks later our gym had its official grand opening. It was only a month or so old. Many people stopped in to check it out and do a WOD. One of those people was Mike Jenkins.

At some point, he came over to me when I was watching other people do the WOD and told me that he saw me up at his gym and wanted to say something then but missed me. He said something really nice about finding out I was legally blind, and that it was inspiring.

That sort of sticks with me and when I don’t feel like lifting or doing a WOD I sometimes think of that in the back of my mind. Today was one of those days. I opted to skip the WOD, but get started working on strength stuff again. I hate bench press and didn’t want to do them. He just seemed like he genuinely cared for others and wanted to help them. Once I knew what I was doing, I had wanted to drop into his gym someday. Oh, and he was huge and strong as shit too. The world’s strongest man at that time.

Thank you, Mike.