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Thankfully My Strength Work Felt Good Today

What a strange day today has been for me for sure. It started off atypically when I slept late. I slept until almost 6:00 AM. I have been mostly getting up between 4:00 and 5:00 AM but I didn’t even wake up and roll over last night.

Finally when I did wake up my neck left out a massive crack when I rolled over. Shortly after that when I was done drinking my first cup of coffee and got up to go get more my hip did the same thing. They both felt good but felt a little weaker afterwards so I wasn’t sure about how my strength was going to due to that. It left me with the feeling I’d get of slight weakness after a good deep tissue massage or maybe if I over stretched a tad. Not bad or anything.

Waking up so late didn’t leave me much time to drink my coffee before the grand daughter got dropped off. Here mom got a different job so I am taking her to the bus stop now at least until there’s an opening in day care. She’s been so shy but seems to be a little less shy each day. Poor thing cried and was upset yesterday after thinking she missed the school bus. I don’t know if she saw another bus go past or maybe she can read the clock in the bathroom that hadn’t had the time changed so it was an hour ahead. Another possibility is her mom dropped her off an hour earlier yesterday than she did on Monday.

Up first were my light back squats at 200 pounds. I did my five sets of five with no issues whatsoever which really was a nice surprise. I was feeling a little run down after doing my Crossfit total on Saturday and that had lasted until even yesterday a bit. I took my time even though the squats were light and got through them five sets with no problems. I felt like I was moving better as the sets progressed.

Bench press was up next. I benched 145 for three sets of five today. These felt good today but still I only went with the three sets of five instead of doing anything extra since my neck cracked so bad this morning.

Finally I did my good mornings. Given this morning I went with the idea of just sticking with the 95 pounds and that’s exactly what I did. They felt good and easy for my three sets of ten of the good mornings using the 95 pounds. I went through them pretty quickly at least.

Music for my strength was Long Winters’ Stare