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Perfect Day In The Home Gym

I actually woke up this morning feeling really good and well rested. I quickly drank my coffee and was itching to get out in the garage to do my strength as soon as I felt the time was reasonable to do so.

Shortly before I was planning heading out to the garage I managed to pinch my finger in the door. That’s what I get for grabbing the basket of clean clothes to bring upstairs. That hurt like a mother fucker and it still does to a point hurt. I thought it might put a damper on my lifting but it really didn’t interfere.

The back squats were up first. The weight for today’s squats was just a moderate 210 pounds for me but they felt easier and lighter than that. The lifts were all really deep and fast squats with a nice slow decent before the explosive ascent part of the lift. I didn’t need all that much rest between sets. They just felt awesome and I was really in the zone with them today. I ended up doing two extra sets for five sets of five at the 210 pounds.

Bench press up next and that is what I really was the most thrilled with today. I’ve written about my arm and shoulder giving me shit now at least intermittently since late last spring. It’s never what I would consider being painful but I felt it in various degrees and it was just enough to make me be hesitant on the bench press. Today my weight was a light 155 pounds but lighter weight at times was giving me shit. Today it didn’t bother me nor did I even feel any tightness at all. I even took my time and did five sets of five at the 155 pounds! They all, every single rep felt great today. I felt like my body was just more balanced rather than trying to favor my right arm which was the one that wasn’t pissed off at me. My left arm definitely was feeling just a little bit weaker but not to the point that it was protesting the lifts. I hope that this is a sign of great things to come. Damn it I want to break that 225 pound bench barrier before I’m too old to get stronger!

Last up for the day was my good mornings. For these I stuck with the 120 pounds again and did my three sets of ten with no issues at all. There was nothing special about them either good or bad. I just did what was programmed and they felt pretty good.

All in all it was as close to a perfect day for my lifting as I can get. The sets all felt great. My brain and body were in the zone. The sun was out and nice and strong so I could catch some of that coming through the south facing glass door between sets too. I really wish every day could be like this in the garage!

Music today was Nevermore.