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My Lifts All Felt Better Today

Not that I had any lifts to do today that were really all that heavy but thankfully they all felt much better today than the last few sessions. Even the lighter warm up sets recently have felt tougher but that wasn’t the case at all today.

The squats were nice and light at 195 pounds after failing last time at 265 pounds. Of course I limited the rest between sets. I thought that even though it was light for me it would have been tougher after yesterday’s twenty rep back squats at 215 and the WOD with the cleans. They felt great today and I felt like I was moving well. Given the fact that they were light and felt good I went for five sets of five today.

The bench press is getting up there a bit now at 165 pounds but I wouldn’t call it heavy yet. It’s more of a moderate weight but it felt nice and light today. I did add the extra sets today for five sets of five at the 165 and it really wasn’t difficult at all. The worst of it is I kept having the bench slightly off center each set and each time I adjusted it I went too far in that direction. We’ll file that under visual impairment issues.

The good mornings felt pretty good today and for these I did my three sets of ten at 95 pounds again. I really felt I was moving well and feeling a good stretch in my hamstrings today.

Finally I decided to do my weighted pull ups EMOM today. I did these with 60 pounds and none of them felt all that difficult. Naturally the later reps degraded a bit but not in a way that I was risking injury. They just got harder.

Music for today was Pyrexia.