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No Music For Today's Lifting

Finally a full night’s sleep. I’ve been sleeping pretty good but waking up too early. Last night I slept more less straight through the night only waking up to take a piss. I woke up about 5:30 ready to go. We have neighbors so I just drank my coffee and relaxed until about 8:30 and headed out to the garage gym.

My front squats were first today and they were a moderate weight of 210 pounds of my three sets of five. They felt and looked great today. I easily could have done the extra sets but decided to skip that for today with the back squat WOD I had done yesterday and the very heavy twenty rep squats I will attempt maybe Monday or Tuesday. Looking at my videos from my front squats it sort of blew my mind how far my form has come with these. I know it’s been really good but sometimes it’s hard to realize how much it has been improved. Maybe that’s because I was remembering how it was bit rough in at the old gym. We saw someone from there last night when we went out to eat so it was on my mind.

Next up for today I had bench press. These were light again at 150 pounds for three sets of five. I kept it to the three sets because my arm is feeling good again. Maybe a tad weaker and tight but it doesn’t hurt like it did for months. I quickly got through my sets of bench with no problems.

Last up for the day were my good mornings. I kept it at 95 pounds again today with the heavy twenty rep squats coming up. They felt good. This was another lift where it sort of blew my mind how far I’ve come form wise. I worked though the m pretty easily.

Today was one of those days of lifting where I did not have any music on. It was a back to the basics just focus on my lifting sort of day. It’s nice to have days like that where you just hear every breath you take and every little noise your joints make. Being in my mid 40s there are lots of noises some days.

If you’ve never lifted like this I highly recommend it. It brings on a whole new level of focus. While performing my lifts with music playing I tune it out anyways but this brings a whole extra level of focus to my recovery between sets. It is just like an extra level of connection to the weight and how it feels and how I’m moving. Some days it just feels good to have that deep connection.

Music for today was silence