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20 Rep Squats Fail At 205 pounds

I failed hard at about rep 7 of my 20 rep back squats doing 205 pounds today. I couldn’t possibly say I’m not disappointed in this, especially after last week felt so good but it is what it is. The last rep was too sloppy.. Really It was a shitty rep so I racked it and aborted there. Started back at 95 pounds for front squats to see where that brings me.

Sure I am not thrilled with my failure but it’s not one of those things I’m going to dwell on for now. I’ve been having my share of trouble focusing with everything else that’s going on in the world right now that is just a higher priority than the number that’s next to the weight lifted. There are just too many more important what ifs right now. During a different time with under more optimal circumstances I would have made it through today even if it met resting a bit and giving the 205 pounds another go but that wouldn’t have been the smart thing to do today after a poor night’s sleep.

The worst aspect of the failure is although the weight felt heavy it was moving really well. I just lost focus. I’m just not able to dig deep down at the moment. I am glad I did the whole 20 rep thing because it’s been a fun and rewarding challenge over the winter months. If I were to give my honest thoughts on it I made it along further into it than I anticipated that I would since I’ve always struggled with higher reps of stuff.

We’ll see where the front squats take me now. At the very least it’ll get my technique better with them again since it has been a little rusty. I am not all that concerned with the 20 reps any more since I am doing starting strength for the strength in addition to whatever shows up in the WODS