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Lifting And A Good Longer Row

I woke bright and early today and felt pretty decent. I got out of bed right away I should have looked outside before I got dressed though because it was a wet foggy morning so we skipped the walk.

My back squats were pretty heavy today at 240 pounds for three sets of five. I took my time I made sure to get ample rest between sets and easily got through them. I knew I should make these reps but still it was a moderately heavy weight where on a bad day it could be a fail. They really did not even feel heavy and the sets that I recorded looked fucking great. I thought they might be tough today after doing my pretty heavy twenty rep squats yesterday but they felt great even with my legs feeling tired.

Bench press was up next and that was a whole different story. The warm ups felt great but then once I got to the working set at only 170 pounds my body noped the shit right out of that. While my arm’s been feeling much, much better I am still not really ready to push it out of the comfort zone. Time and patience will be what pays off with that.

The good morning were up next. These felt good for me today. I did three sets at the 120 pounds with no problems at all. They looked pretty good and definitely felt that really nice deep stretch with them too.

Shortly after I finished up the lifting for today I jumped on the rower to do an endurance WOD. I didn’t eat anything before doing that. I just basically jumped right into it. It was something like row 17 minutes with 3 minutes of rest for three rounds. I wound up getting a little over ten thousand meters in without really trying that hard. I knew it would be longer rows so I just kept it feeling good. My legs felt dead after rowing but not in a bad way. I ate some hard boiled egg sandwiches and then drank my protein. It felt good to get a longer row in rather than a high intensity WOD. It was just nice to mix it up.

The one annoying thing that happened today is either from the floor, the box that was next to the rower or maybe the flywheel dust got stirred up. Wouldn’t you know it that the dust had to get into my right eye first and then shortly after that the left eye too. That left my eyes feeling somewhat irritated the rest of the day but not enough for me to stop rowing. Shit happens.

The sun came out so I collected some nice warm sunshine on the apatio as the temperature quickly spiked up to near 50℉. I don’t know why but the sun just makes me feel good. Even on a hot summer day it feels good as much as I despise the heat.

Music for my lifting and WOD was Acid Bath.