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My Strength Stuff Wasn't As Miserable Today

I don’t have any clue as to why but for the past week or two my strength stuff has been really tough. It’s been a struggle to get through the stuff. My knees have been feeling run down a bit from hitting WODS often with weighted step ups. The work with dumbbell versions of WODS have been mentally running me down a bit since those are mostly new or movements or ones I haven’t done in years.

To start off today I had to do my three sets of five back squats at a nice repetitively heavy for me 250 pounds. The bar has been continuing to feel really heavy on my back but today the first set was the toughest. Once I got through that one and got ample rest in the second set felt much better and the third felt the best. The past couple of sessions I’ve been shifting a bit but that wasn’t occurring today.

Next up was my strict presses at 117 pounds which to be honest is pretty heavy for me. They went well enough considering. My shoulders are still wrecked from playing with the heavier sandbag the past couple of days and starting weighted pull ups but and the grand scheme of things the presses felt pretty good.

Finally on the agenda for this day was moderate power cleans at 165 pounds. They felt great. Really explosive and fast and for some reason it was clicking today to be more patient with the pulls. Maybe it’s because my lats feel trashed from the heavy sandbag yesterday. I was very happy with them as I tend to make contact with the bar too soon which wasn’t occurring today. It’s something I’ve known I needed to fix for years but until recently I haven’t been able to come up with a solution that works for me. I’ve just always had my timing be a bit off

Today’s music was Augury.