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Great Day For My Lifts After Missing A Day

I had a perfect night’s sleep. I slept deep and long and only woke up about 4:00 to piss. I took my thyroid pill then kissed Molly goodbye then went back to sleep. The second night in a row, I dreamed of some girl that I feel like I used to know years ago. I know who she is when I’m dreaming, but can’t put a name to her when I am awake. This time we were talking about my brother’s business.

I got up and enjoyed my coffee while thinking about how soon I want to head off into the gym to do my lifts. I didn’t want to miss another day of lifting like I did two days ago with all the running around that we did, then get compost and planting the vegetables that we bought.

I went out into the home gym to get started with my lifting around nine or so. I began the day with back squats. They were to be pretty heavy for me today at two hundred and fifty pounds for three sets of five. I knew it was a weight that shouldn’t give me any issues, but somehow it was intimidating for me today. Even at the beginning of the next set after making the previous ones. The actual squats felt and looked excellent. Just for some reason, the number was getting into my head. I took about three minutes rest between sets and easily made it through my three sets of five.

Next up for the day were my strict presses, I went ahead and did five sets of five of these at a hundred and fifteen pounds. They felt good today. Actually, they felt a little better than I had expected after doing a WOD yesterday with high reps of push presses, which were mostly strict for me. They felt pretty good, and I worked through them pretty quickly.

Last up for my lifts were my deadlifts. I had five triples today at a fairly light two hundred and fifty-five pounds. These felt a little heavier than they should have, but I had no problems getting through them. They looked excellent. My hands were super sweaty today, but thankfully it wasn’t hurting my grip on the bar too much. I did take slightly longer rest periods between the sets than I normally would for this weight.

I ate lunch then headed out to cut the grass. I wanted to do it yesterday, but had to charge the battery first. That’s still better than dealing with gas. That didn’t take long to finish. The sunshine felt good.

A little while later I decided to do a 5k row. In some ways this felt like an exercise in futility today. My hands were extremely sweaty to begin with, making my hands sore from holding on to the handle. It didn’t take me long to start pouring sweat. Naturally, I forgot to put my towel next to me where I could reach it. I got up and used it and put it back on the box too far away to reach, so I had to get up again alter. I wanted my water which I forgot to bring out, so I had to go get that. Shit went wrong, but I got a good period of movement in and that felt good.

Music For was Atheist.