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Old Trinium 1RM For Sets Of Five Today

I slept pretty good last night and didn’t wake up at all except for once to piss. I woke up this morning feeling refreshed, but somehow still tired.

We had Brooke. Had some fun playing the new game I got for here, where it came with foam rings and unicorn hats with the horns that you have to get the rings on. She loves unicorns and had a big ass smile when she saw it. By the time we took her to the bus stop, it was already getting nice out.

We did our grocery shopping early and got that done with pretty quickly this morning. There were fewer people in there, and certainly fewer brats running around the aisles of the store like it’s a playground or screaming their heads off.

When we got home, I ate a few crackers and got changed to get ready to get out into the garage to do my lifts for the day. I didn’t know what to expect with the heavy squats since I snapped my big toe backwards and outwards on a step stool last night. It was the same toe that I dropped the plate on the other day. It really hurt for quite a while last night, and just walking hurt it. Luckily, It felt fine this morning, thankfully, but still didn’t know how it would handle weight.

I began my day with my heavy back squats at two hundred and sixty-five pounds. To say it was an intimidating weight would be an understatement at the very least. Yes, I made it for a one rep max in at the Crossfit gym years ago, but it was an ugly squat morning rep. Since then, this particular weight has been one that spooks me. I don’t give heavier weights a second thought for singles.

Luckily, with my toe as I slowly worked my way up through my warm-up sets, it continued to feel fine. I took more time warming up and smaller jumps today as a precaution. Once I got to my working sets, the weight really didn’t feel heavy to me. It felt more like a moderate weight and my reps looked great and fairly explosive. All except for one rep actually looked great. That on rep, my hips shot up a bit and I had to drive back under the bar, but it wasn’t that bad. Naturally, I felt exhausted after these squats, both physically and mentally, and that’s even with taking longer rest than I normally do. My heart rate was really getting up there during them, too.

Next up, I had the bench press to do. Considering how many deficit push-ups I did yesterday with the renegade rows and the exhaustion from those squats, I kept the weight at one hundred and forty-five pounds today. Last week I’d failed from being off center, but today I was dead. They felt good at this weight and I pretty quickly worked my way through them. It was the right choice for today, as my shoulders are feeling quite worn out from yesterday.

My last lift for the dAy was the good mornings. Like the bench press, I wasn’t aggressive at all with these today and only used ninety-five pounds for them. My legs are toast and I didn’t want to risk my back taking on too much of the work. They felt good at that weight. It was just challenging enough without being risky to hold position. My heavy squats were the main show today.

Music today strength was Temple Of The Dog.

I ate my sandwich on the patio in the sun and just relaxed and took in some fresh air to relax. Later we did a little yard work.

Late in the afternoon, I decided I wanted to do a WOD. I searched though old one to find one, which I was pretty confident that I could do with a lot of intensity. Yesterday’s was not one of them. It was slower movements for me. I settled on an old one using the sandbag.

I was ten, nine, eight and all the way down to one sandbag clean aNd jerks with eight front rack lunges between each round. The WOD went really well. It was physically and mentally tough but one in which I could just keep moving at a fast enough pace. I broke at just the righht times that I could get through it in a few seconds under the lower end of the goal time, which was ten to fifteen minutes. My heart rate according to my chest strap maxed in the mid-170s and my two-minute heart rate recovery was 61 so that felt good tool. Between the dry air and sprint nature of this WOD, I did wind up with a bit of the Fran cough.

Music For the WOD was Macabre

I watched Molly do her WOD and she killed it then we headed off to Little Dippers to get some Penn State ice cream for her vacation.

After I ate that, I decided I would try the skrewball peanut butter stuff with some grape Fanta soda that I noticed in the store. It was good.

I thought it might be, but I have bombed on something that, I thought, would be good. That was the first time I had noticed the Fanta Soda since I used to buy it as a teenager at the Pharmore that had been at the Franklin Mills Mall. That was the best place to rent games too! It’s funny how strange little things can remind you of places or things from a long time ago.