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Lifting Felt Great Today After An Unplanned Rest Day Yesterday

One of the greatest things about having a home gym is the flexibility in time and space that you have. Unfortunately the space in our home gym yesterday was being used as a setup with a table and stuff to wrap Christmas gifts. We did that yesterday since we’re over COVID now and it was great to see the kids and even better knowing that at least per the science I would not be contagious or risk spreading it without knowing it.

I had wanted to squeeze in a WOD then but the time or space just wasn’t there. It didn’t help matters that I had to go pick up a new tablet since I broke mine on Friday night. Honestly it’s the first electronic device that I have broken myself. I knocked it off the arm of the couch and it landed just right to mess up the USB port. It’s definitely possible that the drop didn’t break it too. In the past week or two it’s not charged when I plugged it in but I just assumed that maybe I didn’t have it plugged in tight and thought nothing of it. The port is loose now and while I could get it to charge extremely slowly given the weather we’ll be having I wanted to get something now just in case it dies completely.

I had been thinking about grabbing a newer one anyways given my old Asus one was starting to crash more often and hasn’t had a security update in a couple years. I wish companies would have to open up the boot loader or provide timely security updates. I like using my tablet at night while unwinding in bed or during commercials when watching TV. and the girlfriend had to pick something up so we swung buy to grab a new tablet for me too.

At least I was well rested today for my strength and it did show. First thing first, I back squatted 200 for three sets of five. It’s a light weight for me so it really was no problem at all. twenty rep squats at 195 this week. The twenty reps felt pretty easy and looked very consistent. They got my heart rate up a bit but never really felt difficult.

Next up was the strict Press at 97 pounds. I have to admit that this is an easy weight for to press anymore. I did throw in two extra sets of five to get a little more work in.

Finally I did some light power cleans. The power cleans felt great at 145 and also finished each set of three with a strict press at that weight and they felt pretty easy today. Last time I’d done power cleans they were relatively sloppy and my timing was also off quite a bit. Maybe it was because they were pretty heavy that time or maybe some other reason. Regardless I had just walked away and stopped attempting after the first set. There’s always next time! Today they felt great though and I had wicked fast elbows.

Later in the day I also knocked out this week’s vault WOD which was wall balls and pull ups. We don’t have the height or a spot to do wall balls here and my face is happy about that. I subbed light thrusters with a pair of 25 pound dumbbells for that and also chose the strict option for pull ups since the bar is too low for me to kip (not that I was ever able to grasp them anyways.) They had two minutes of rest programmed between rounds and I managed to finish each round in well less than the rest at 1:25, 1:37, 1:45, 1:45 per round. I find it highly annoying when they want you to track time of individual rounds but Molly did that for me this time.

I was able to treat each round as a true sprint and I felt great about that. I even questioned my times a bit but Molly was counting too so it’s unlikely that both her and I miscounted to the same numbers. Sometimes if I am moving very fast my counting skills can be off but I’m still getting a good workout sot that’s what matters most to me. I used to be super anal about the count but not so much anymore now that I am just working out at home. I mean if I’d show up at the top of the whiteboard I would know something’s off but that hasn’t happened yet.

Music was Nevermore.