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A Little Slower With My Lifting Today Since It's Very Humid

I woke up this morning feeling good. As soon as I left the air-conditioned bedroom, I was just pouring sweat and have been that way since. I turned the air conditioner on in the garage and that certainly helps a lot, but between the sun shining in, warm floor and movement I still sweat quite a bit. Thankfully, it’s not too hot yet today, but I suspect that will be changing. On the plus side, it looks like we should get thunderstorms later on today!

Today’s lifting session in the garage gym started out with lighter front squats at only 200 pounds. They felt great today. Not a bit tough like the other day. I guess my legs are recovering now. Anyway, I figured with it being light for me and that they felt good, I’d go ahead and do five sets of five for the two extra sets. They looked great, and I just plain felt good afterwards.

Next up, I had strict presses to do. For these shoulder presses, the program called for three sets of five of them at 110 pounds. They’re pretty light and felt great, so I went ahead and did five sets for more volume. They weren’t difficult at all. Strangely enough, while my arm felt a little tight with them, it felt like a normal tightness. I guess maybe that’s improving.

Lastly, for my strength today it was deadlift day! These deadlifts were pretty heavy at 275 pounds, so I kept it to singles. The other reason for that is if I choose to do today’s WOD, it’s going to include deadlifts. The lifts themselves looked at felt great. I feel like I could have probably done these for triples today, but decided not to with the WOD I am expecting to do.

Later on, I did today’s WOD. Deadlifts, pull-ups, and rowing. What a grip killer. The high heat and humidity didn’t help me. The fact that I did the heavy deadlifts this morning wasn’t helpful either. I did worse on the WOD than the goal time. Much slower, but I expected that, and I’m fine with it. I did the 12 pull-ups, and here I can’t kip very well due to low bar. At the same time, I wanted to push myself a bit and now get too comfortable sticking with the lower reps strict pull up version. My hands were so sweaty, I was a challenge to hold on to both the pull-up bar and the barbell.

Music for today’s strength was Reverend Bizarre.

All in all, it was a pretty good day in the gym. I can’t complain.

Now it looks like there’s a line of thunderstorms approaching. Earlier, when I did the WOD, we got missed by a short line that was off to the north. That would be a nice way to cap off this hot day, plus it would knock the temperature down a good bit, and it’s too late for it to really go back up a lot. On the negative side, though, it will increase the humidity.