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Too Hot And Humid Today To Workout Today

I was lazy today. Not really lazy but it was hot and I didn’t sleep so well the night before thanks to someone deciding to start lighting off fireworks around midnight. I was thinking to do a WOD after we picked up the air conditioner that we ordered but decided not to pick it up. We had a very heavy shower that really did nothing to cool it off that much but instead bumped up the humidity.

I’d been pouring sweat all day anyways not being able to cool off. I just don’t tolerate the humidity all that well. I admit it. It doesn’t help that any movement at all turns my body into a mini furnace. I’ve poured sweat in shorts and a t shirt doing a WOD outside in the winter when the temperature was around 20 with gusty wind.

That and I was also busy playing with and exploring my new toy. I had decided to get a new WiFi setup. The Mikrotik have certainly served me well and I’ve been happy with them other than the WiFi being flaky outside. Running a cable isn’t really a good option for us so I’ve been trying to use it as a wireless mesh but it just seems a bit unstable so I thought I’d try out a Ubiquiti Dream Machine. Originally I was looking into Ubiquiti when I bought the RB2011. I’ll surely post my thoughts on that device after having it for a little while. It’s a learning curve so far but I am liking it.