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Heavier Deadlifts Felt Great Today!

Finally, it’s cooler, so we were able to not have to sleep with the air conditioner in the bedroom window last night. Just as I expected, I slept much, much better than I have been. More natural noise or even just quiet helps me sleep better than the annoyingly repetitive and louder sounds of the air conditioner. Even loud katydids up the mountains growing up allowed me to be more relaxed and sleep better than the air does.

I had no idea how my strength was going to go today. Given the fact that my knee still feels a tad weak after I twisted it tripping over a very uneven sidewalk Saturday when we were out for a walk. It really is surprising to me how poorly maintained some sidewalks in Mount Joy are. It especially surprises me some bad ones on main street as much as the town pushes Main Street Mount Joy and all of those things. The one my foot caught Saturday must be raised a couple of inches, and I never even saw it.

Today started off with the moderate weight front squats at 215 pounds. I easily completed my five sets of three of these. They were very explosive and super deep ass to grass squats today. If I wasn’t planning on recovering a bit then attacking this week’s twenty rep back squats, I’d have done more sets again.

After I finished with the front squats, it was time to move on to strict presses. The shoulder presses felt pretty tough at 115 pounds today for my three sets of five. Not tough as in undo-able. More of a being slightly out of position tough. I never had the feeling I was anywhere close to failure or anything like that. Just more of a fight than it should have been. Regardless of that, I easily got through my programmed sets and thought it would be better to not doll any extra today.

Next up I had my relatively heavy deadlifts 285 pounds. Today it was singles, with the weight being on the more challenging end of things. They honestly looked great and felt great. Felt much lighter than the 285 pounds. I think I triple checked the weight after every set. The last rep was easily the best and most explosive of them all!

I put my shit away, then ate a couple of hard-boiled eggs before stretching out on the bed a bit with my tablet. I may have dozed off for a minute or two, but I don’t know.

About one and a half hours after finished my deadlifts, I was feeling great, so I thought I would tackle this week’s twenty rep back squats. I knew it was going to be heavy at the 240 pounds this week, but I was really surprised how it did feel. It didn’t feel heavy at all. Cardio wise it was rough with my heart rate peaking at 171, but weight wise I could have kept going, and I did. I did 22 reps this time due to lack of blood flow to my brain causing my inability to count. My watch counted 22 reps, and watching the video confirmed it. Unless I have an injury or a catastrophic brain fart, I should easily pass this weight next week for a PR.

The video confirmed that my form stayed spot on for the squats. I didn’t feel even the slightest bit of a sloppy rep, and didn’t see it in the video either. They were all explosive, great-looking reps. Nice and upright and very deep squats. Last week it seemed that I was fighting a bit with my right knee wanting to cave, but that didn’t seem to be occurring today.

Music for strength was Deeds Of Flesh