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Power Cleans Fuck Me Over Sometimes

Today I ended up not doing a metcon. I’m just feeling a little burned out on them from the rough time I had on Friday.

I normally don’t do Street parking’s “Oly” program. (BTW that word “oly” is fucking stupid.) Today it looked interesting enough I thought I would play today.

The first part was work up to a heavy single power clean. This felt really good. I made it up to 195 which felt easy and looked easy. I was sure there was more in the tank but… The stupid and weird thing I do at around 200 pounds where I just freeze before finishing the pull and racking it. The bar was plenty high enough and should have been an easy make but my brain just shut it down. I think at least here it has more to do with not wanting to miss and drop the heavy bar on our floor and crack it. How I wish we had the ceiling height to have an actual platform to use and protect the floor.

The second part was add on rep starting with on power clean at 75% of your single with a two minute rest in between. They were to be unbroken. I failed due to sweaty hands half way through the round of 8. The bar just started slipping. Should have used chalk but it felt okay up until that point. Sadly it felt like there was plenty more in the tank cycling these at a mere 145 pounds.

My music choice for today was Pyrexia’s Sermon Of Mockery. Brutal and heavy but not distracting.