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Clean And Jerk Heavy Single

For the first time in probably six months or more, I took my bar outside and worked up to a heavy single clean and jerk late in the afternoon yesterday.


Today's Been A Pretty Good Day In The Home Gym

Today was a fun day for me. I did a new clean complex thaT I haven’t done before.


Did This Week's Second Weightlifting EMOM Today And Felt Great About It

I haven’t done a lot of power snatches lately because of space inside. Today I did an EMOM of them. I did them heavier than I would have in Trinium and then even increased the weight more the last two minute.


Feeling Extra Flexible Today

Today was a day that I was feeling extra flexible. I always do deep squats but today they felt even deeper than normal.


Power Cleans Fuck Me Over Sometimes

Ever since I started Crossfit power cleans have fucked with my mind once in a while. Today I worked up to a heavy single power clean. I hit 195 pounds easily with more in the tank. At 200 pounds my brain shut it down even though I knew I had more in the tank.


Can't Always Go By How It Feels

Most times I can judge by how it feels what weights I should be using. Today was an example of the opposite. Warming up the weight felt heavy but it when I got to my working weight it felt easy and great.