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Feeling Extra Flexible Today

For today’s strength in the program it’s squat, bench, good morning and pull ups. Probably my least favorite day of the three but it’s still good to work on things I don’t like or care all that much about even if it’s just for balance. Don’t get me wrong, I do stretch if I feel the need to and I’m in the minority that I am pretty flexible at my age but I prefer if anything to be a little tighter while lifting. I get better feedback.

Because it felt so good today I was squatting almost ass to ankles. I’ve been getting deeper but with a closer stance and more upright for a while now. I’d been cutting it short to gain more control of the mobility that I do have and it feels like it’s been a success.

Bench felt great too for my weakest lift I did 170 for 5x5. I believe my all time one rep max is somewhere around 205 except for when I was a dumb teenager. I don’t know why that’s been feeling better but it has. Maybe just having the safeties set to where I can safely fail gives me more confidence. I never liked relying on a spotter most likely due to me not comprehending that they can see and react if necessary since I can’t myself.

I did the good mornings at 80 pounds again and they felt pretty good. The pull ups went okay. My elbow isn’t real happy and pull ups tend to exasperate that so I did just small sets of 6, 5 and 6.

Squats felt great today. I was feeling extra mobile from even the warm up set. I’m naturally pretty flexible. I don’t need to and prefer not to stretch before lifting.

My music choice for today was Defeated Sanity. Took my way too long to pick up anything by them. Been on my wish list for well over year.