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Did This Week's Second Weightlifting EMOM Today And Felt Great About It

First thing in the morning I did a challenging WOD for me today. It had rowing and 30 reps of dumbbell squats with one dumbbell on your shoulder. Then 30 box jumps which I chose for safety to do step ups then thirty more squats with the dumbbell on the other side. The step ups for me today were slow. I’m not sure why but I just had no rhythm or ability to push with these today. The dumbbell squats felt surprising good for being somewhat off balance. I used the RX weight of 40 pounds for these squats and on one side I was able to go unbroken the whole time. The other side I had to break them up a bit with my neck still being a bit twingy from watching TV awkwardly on the couch but I did those it two big sets.

I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to do the snatch portion of the “oly” EMOMs program yet since we have a tight space in the garage and my failure mode on these has tended to be behind me in the past. With equipment in the way I don’t want to end up like Kevin Ogar. It turns out that it got pretty nice outside. At least the mid fifties and sunny so I decided to take my bar out on the patio and work through the EMOM.

It was every minute on the minute perform a power snatch double. I ended up using 95 pounds which I knew should be easily manageable for me given I tend to use 75 in WODs. My goal with this was to move well and have zero fails. I felt like I really was moving well and super explosive and fast. Unfortunately having my phone in use as the timer I didn’t want to fuck that up so I wasn’t able to record any of them but Molly said the ones she saw looked great too. The last two minutes I pushed a little further and used 115 pounds.

The thing that stood out the most for me with these power snatches today is that my lockout was very solid. I’ve always struggled with soft elbows on these and I don’t know what for sure has helped improving them. I’m thinking it’s the dumbbell stuff I’ve been doing is the biggest factor in improving my lockout.

The important thing is it just felt great to get under a bar with a little more weight than I’m used to today. I love weightlifting, granted I’m not very good at it, but I still love it and love the challenge of trying to improve something for every rep/set/session. I love the challenge of trying to achieve the perfect form which I realize is impossible.

Music for today was Alice In Chains.