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Today's Been A Pretty Good Day In The Home Gym

Today was a fun and interesting day for me in the garage. It went better than I expected given we had Joy’s last night hence unhealthy food and a couple of drinks to make for poor sleep and recovery.

The first thing I did was the WOD. It had a new movement combination to me in it that looked interesting and fun. It also had something I really suck at, hop overs. They’re a great exercise but not for me because of vision. I know that sounds like a broken record but it is a fact.

The new movement was what they called snatchsters. it was a dumbbell snatch then overhead lunge with each leg. They were indeed as fun as I anticipated. I only used a twenty five pound dumbbell for these as I didn’t know what to expect from them but it turns out I could have gone heavier. I had the fact that I did heavy deadlifts yesterday in the back of my mind and my legs are still feeling like dead weight from that.

I have to admit the snatch complex really surprised me with how great it went. I’ve written about my struggles with lunges a million times before and although that seems to have not been an issue for a while not I still mentally prepare myself for them to be tough. They felt great today with a very solid stable feeling to me. I liked them.

After recovering a little while I decided to do the clean complex EMOM from earlier this week. It was every 90 seconds perform a power clean, hang full clean and then full clean from the ground. It looked like a fun complex to do and one I could do inside. I kept it to a fairly light 145 pounds except jumped to 165 pounds for the last one. I was moving well but my legs feeling so dead from yesterday was making it feel much heavier than it was. That made the pulls a bit slower too so it was throwing my timing off a tad. I was happy with how the few I recorded looked and that was what was important to me as always. I had no misses so that means that my own personal goal was met.

Music for today was DIO.