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Unplanned Rest Day

From the time I woke up I’ve had a bit of a pressure headache from everything being all closed up. No matter what I couldn’t get my nose to really open up for more than a few seconds. I don’t think I have any allergies but do get irritated from the fine particles. I can even get the same way with dust. Just to be sure I checked my temperature and it’s still 97 point something so n fever.

The other thing is since I went to bed last night my wrist. More the back of my hand has really been bothering me. Just lots of anger between the bones. I could crack it for very temporary relief but nothing would make it go away for good.

I still hoped to eventually get a WOD in for the day but neither of those would go away for anything. Time ticked away and I just never got a WOD in. In the end it just ended up being a rest day which I really don’t like. They make me feel like it was a lazy day. Yes, I know they’re a necessary evil but I still don’t have to like the whole idea of it.

Later on as we were eating supper. Chicken tenders on the air fryer and they turned out great. We used some BBQ sauce from someone local and it was spicy. I think it’s called Doug Benne’s BBQ sauce or something like that. We do like it a lot. Leave it to me to sort of snort some rice with sauce on it into the back of my nose as I was eating. Not a fun experience. I did however fully open of my head, well maybe not fully but it did certainly loosing it up and relieve the pressure. Is it only me that’s able to do stupid shit like this yet have it benefit me?

After I at supper I got a shower and when I got out I noticed the my hand felt fine. I don’t know if it was the hot water relaxing it or if it was the extra curricular activities.. oh wait I didn’t do any of those. Seriously though it does feel better. It’s no longer painful to touch it or pick something up, just the residual anger. If only I would have known I would have hopped in the shower in the morning. I skipped the two WODS I though would work today because of them both being grippy.