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Despite Not Sleeping Well Or Enough My Strength Felt Great Today

I woke up early this morning. Too early really, the neighbors slamming their door woke me up. I don’t understand why they need to go in and out of the door 10 times to smoke a cigarette or why the constantly let the door slam shut. Well I guess I do know why really. They’re minimal effort type of people.

After drinking my coffee and eating some oatmeal for breakfast I started to think about getting my strength work done early today.

First up was the back squats at a nice moderate 235 pounds. Heavy enough to feel it but not so heavy they feel really challenging. The bar felt super heavy on my back today but that’s from my traps being angry from all the lungesters yesterday. The squats themselves felt really good and not too easy. It seems my knee that has been giving me some grief is finally better. it’s never been painful but just has been feeling a bit off and clicky. I don’t even remember what I did to it but it was n doubt something dumb like tripping over something I didn’t see.

I got through the squats relatively quickly today. I took much shorter rests than I have been due to my knees so I was happy with that.

The music for the lifting today was Lykathea Aflame.

Later on I did next Wednesday’s WOD outside with Molly. It was running between 15 hang power cleans and push presses..

I figured going into this particular WOD that it was a good one to push myself with the dumbbell weights. Typically I’ve been sticking with 25 pound weights but I decided I would do the RX weight of 40 when she told me about the WOD. When it actually came time to perform the WOD I took out the 50 pound dumbbells to go for the RX+ weight with no easy back up plan, I’d have to go inside to get lighter weights.

I figured it would turn out to really an issue to use the fifty pound dumbbells and it turned out that it wasn’t. The run was slower do to my vision and the low sun angle making it even worse by causing so much glare on my clouded corneas. The fifty pound weights were certainly manageable but really did feel heavy. It was more mental than anything though as proven by the fact that I did all three sets of both the hang power cleans and push presses without putting the weights down. Hell, in hindsight More of my push presses were actually strict presses than what were push presses. I am happy with the results of the WOD and made it just within the time goal.