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Some Days Just Go Like That

Today didn’t go like I was hoping it would for my back squats at all. It was the most fun week of 5/3/1. It was the heaviest AMRAP!

On today’s agenda was the one plus reps at two hundred and seventy-five pounds. I came into today thinking I would get a conservative five reps. Well, that’s not exactly how it went down.

During the warm-up sets, I noticed that I was feeling like my legs didn’t have a lot of energy. The weights were feeling heavy or anything like that. Just a fight to get my legs to work.

I still tried the heavy set. The first rep was a little tougher than it should have been as I got slightly out of position. It wasn’t even noticeable on the video, but I just shifted a little forward. It was just enough that it made the rep much more of a fight than it should have been, as I was fighting to hold the position and push back more. The second rep was nice and speedy. Then on the third rep my legs just shut down at the normal sticking point, yet it was still feeling good.

My stomach has been feeling off. Who knows? Maybe I have some sort of bug in me. Every place we go lately, people have been coughing their heads off. Unfortunately, people are back to not giving a shit whether they get others sick. You don’t need to be at the bar with a toddler who’s coughing his head off..

Oh well, some days will be like this. I’ll take a bad day in the home gym over being fat and unhealthy like I used to be. Back in those days, I couldn’t do half of what I can do now on a bad day.

A few hours later, I figured I’d get a WOD in for the day. Today’s just isn’t happening and beside that with my stomach feeling off I wanted one that would probably be shorter. Not easier, Just shorter. I wasn’t really in the mood to do this and that for so long, then something else and only count that.

I settled on an older death by type of WOD. I always liked them. They start off pretty easy and then suddenly get really nasty. Today I didn’t get to that nasty point, but I was getting my heart rate up pretty good. I wanted to limit it a little more than normal today, so I stopped at the round of nine. It was squats and push jerks as the movement in the death by. I went with the forty pound dumbbells. I had enough time left that I could have gotten through the tens and probably elevens. The nines felt a bit off a bit because I had gotten distracted before the nines, thinking someone was at the door. I thought maybe they were going to deliver our new toys (torture bike) early.

Today called for a lighter and less intense WOD after hitting a couple of heavy dumbbell WODs within the past week. It felt great to get my heart rate up. Today’s just another perfect example of the benefits I get out of working out at home. I could do what, I felt, would be best for me today and not what’s on the whiteboard.

Music for both was Slayer.