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I'm Slowly Feeling More Like Myself In The Garage Now

I woke up this morning ready to go. Eventually, I got off my lazy ass and went out into the garage to do my lifts. It took longer than it should have, but I had a brief period where my stomach felt ever so slightly off.

Beginning with my light front squats for three sets of five, I got off to a positive start. These felt great today. Not heavy and tough like they did the other day. My body was working in sync to perform them again, where last week everything just felt way off. I worked through the warm-up sets and working sets quickly and easily today. I only had to do them at 200 pounds, but they felt and looked great is what really matters to me.

After I completed my front squats, it was on to the strict press. These too were on the light side, so I worked my way through them with no issues at all. Hell, I took only a minute or two of rest between the sets.

Finally, it was time to do my power cleans. Like the other lifts this week, they were light at 145 pounds for five sets of three. They looked and felt great for me today. Timing and coordination were right on for me and I got through them quickly and easily. It felt so good, I also through in a strict press after the last rep. While the presses felt heavy, they were manageable and looked pretty good.

I did not listen to any music for my lifting today. I just felt like I really wanted to focus on what I was doing after the bit of a funk I have been over the heat and stress of the tree. It worked. Once in a while, it’s just great to get back to the basic. Every so often, it’s refreshing and relaxing to just get back to the basics like that.

We even went for a walk again today! Last week the weather or waiting around just made things not workout, but we’re back at it. It was such a nice evening to go for one too with the heat gone for now. It’s always pleasant when people say hi when they’re outside on the porches. Some Bears fan had to give me shit because I was wearing an Eagles shirt. I had to do the right thing and remind him of the field goal. He seemed like a cool guy.

We came across this tree that is blooming on the way home. I had to google it because I knew that I knew what it was, but my brain was drawing a blank. There used to be one along Bristol Pike when we were walking to the mall growing up, so it brought back those good memories.

Hydrangea Blooming

This picture is of white on a hydrangea that we came across.