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I Really Didn't Feel Like Lifting Or A WOD Today But I Did Them And I Am Happy With The Results

Some times those days occur where you really just don’t feel like doing jack shit. Today was one of those days but I forced myself to stop being lazy and do my strength and felt better after that. Later on A knocked out today’s WOD with pretty good results.

The squats were a bit slower than normal today and the 240 pounds felt extremely heavy. I managed to eek out my sets plus the extra two to make it five sets of five that that weight. I blame my sluggishness with these squats on the sandbag WOD with a bunch of weighted step ups on Sunday then yesterday’s weighted steps for the WOD plus the shift version I did with Molly in the evening with more step ups but this time unweighted ate least. Maybe they didn’t feel easy but I got through the squats and they all felt and were doable. These are the days where you make yourself better.

The strict presses felt heavy today too at the 115 pounds. I got the two extra sets of those for five sets of five. At least my left wrist seems to have stopped bothering me. I was starting to get concerned that I’m getting a cyst on the inside of that one too with the little lump that was there but that seems to have subsided. As it turns out I was only supposed to do 113 pounds today. Oops, I should have double checked.

Next up was power cleans. Unlike the other lifts that I performed today these actually felt awesome. I had five sets of three of them to do today at 160 pounds. They really felt fast and explosive and my timing was dead on to catch it right when it was weightless. The past few sessions of these my timing had felt a bit off so I was very pleased with them today. I think it’s because my wrist isn’t angry anymore so my brain wasn’t introducing a slight hesitation. It also seemed I was a bit more patient with the pull today.

My music choice for the strength workout today was Flub and then the new Augury that I picked up since Flub was so short. I am happy with both of these CDs!

Later on I did today’s WOD. Lots of sandbag cleans and jerks and pull ups then rest three minutes and do sandbag slams and back squats. It felt pretty good and the pull ups weren’t too bad today. Granted they slowed me down a bit but I got through them in a reasonable time and definitely faster than I would have a year ago so there’s that.

The Music I listened to for the WOD was the old favorite Deeds Of Flesh. I knew that wouldn’t be too distracting since it’s not new.

After Molly did her WOD I did a little fuckarounditus with pull ups. I held her 35 pound sandbag between my feet and did 3 easy pull ups. After that I had to try my 53ish pound sandbag and hit a pull up pretty easily. That would be a PR for me with weighted pull ups and it felt like there’s more in the tank so that’s something I’ll have to test out soon.

I also did a second WOD later on this evening. This one was more less to get some practice with dumbbell lungesters. I haven’t done that movement yet with dumbbells until today and it went much better than I expected. Until the past six months to a year I’d always struggled with lunges of any type due to balance. For some reason they’ve clicked in spite of my poor vision being a major disadvantage with balance. Today’s WOD had 10, 9, 8…1 of them separated by in my case hanging knee raises. I opted for the 25 pound dumbbells and in hindsight it was probably too light. I’ll use the lighter weight for a few more WODS to get practice but not too long.

The music for this WOD was Flub