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Lifting Felt Great Today Plus Pushed Myself In The WOD

I have not been posting as much because I got the new XBOX for Christmas and I’ve been pretty much enjoying the games. It was finally available to be ordered for me.

I have still been lifting and dong WODs and such. I just haven’t been on the computer as much so I haven’t been having the time on here to write.

Today’s strength went really well I have to say. Things felt great today. As always I started out with the back squats and did five sets of five at 225 pounds. While it’s a moderate weight for me it felt nice and light today as opposed to it feeling fairly heavy when I first started this program. They also looked great.

The next thing up was the bench press. I did five sets of five at 150 pounds here on this lift. They felt great but it was pretty light for me at least. That was a good thing as my wrist isn’t really too happy with them today for some reason.

Finally for the lifting I had the good mornings. I managed to easily do these at 90 pounds this week which really isn’t much of a surprise at all. I have intentionally kept these light and will continue to do so.

After my lifting was done I remembered and old exercise from Crossfit that I sort of struggled with but haven’t really tried them in a good while. Today I though I would give them a try. I managed to easily do some ring dip. I just lacked the coordination in at the old gym to a point to get these down.

Music for the lifting was Beyond Creation

The WOD was tough but I used 30 pound dumbbells rather than the 25 I’ve been sticking with for similar WODs

Music for the WOD was Kataklysm.