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Humid Day For My Lifts

Last night near midnight we got missed by thunderstorms passing well to our north. We didn’t get any rain, but we did get a nice cooling breeze from the out flow. That helped me sleep better once they passed through.

I got up and drank my coffee and ate a banana around five o’clock.. Both were good. I relaxed, browsing the web while I waited until it was time to go wait for Brooke.

Today was her last day of school for Brooke, so that means it will be the last morning I have her. In a way, I am glad I no longer have the responsibility, but I am more sad than anything. I am going to miss seeing her every morning. I looked forward to spending time with her and getting to know her a bit better. Her sisters tend to just take over. Her coming here and me watching her helped me with my own funk that I had been in.

I began my lifting on this very humid morning with the back squats. The weight’s starting to get on the heavier end for me with these back squats, especially with today’s humidity. I had to do three sets of five at two hundred and forty pounds. Despite them being on the heavier end of the spectrum for me, they felt and looked great. I made my three sets fairly easily and really, really wanted to do five sets, but ultimately nixed that idea considering the heat. To me today, the squats felt surprisingly light and easy. I even double-checked the plates to make sure I added right any all was correct.

Bench press was next up for the day. I had to do three sets of five of the bench press at one hundred and sixty-five pounds. It’s a moderate weight, but they felt surprisingly good and easy today. I wound up doing four sets. The fifth one I was going for, I aborted when I realized I was just way off center. Shit happens, it was simply one of those things that happens every so often. Other than that incident, the rest felt great.

Finally, for my last lift for the day, I had to do the good mornings. Today WI went back up to a hundred and twenty pounds on these lifts since I’ve been feeling better. They ended up going great, and I got through the three sets of ten easily. The only thing that made them take a little long was me taking longer between sets as I did with the other lifts to let the sweat stop dripping.

It turned out to be a better morning for me than I expected in the garage gym this morning. While the humidity was a big annoyance, it didn’t really hurt me too much with my lifting like it can at times when I get so sweaty.

Last night, I dreamt that my bar was broken. That was kind of on my mind, but not something that really distracted me. It was the strangest thing in my dream. The bar was broken in the middle as if it were a twig. It makes perfect sense in my dream because it was a cheap bar, and it just wore out. The way that the bar had broken in my dream was just the strangest thing. It would make sense at least if it had broken where the sleeve attaches, but it wasn’t there. The middle is where it had cracked in half.

Music For was Alice In Chains.