Fitness and everything else

Some Days Nothing Goes Right

I woke up feeling pretty good this morning. I got woken up in the middle of the night by an AMTRAK work train doing maintenance. That’s a small price to pay to live within easy walking distance of the train station. That machinery is loud, so thankfully we didn’t have the windows open. Cool to watch it lift the tracks though.

I had such a strange dream too last night. In the dream, I was on the phone catching up with some girl who was an old friend. I have no idea who it was, though. My best guess is because, for whatever reason, some girl from elementary school popped into my head last evening.

I drank my coffee and got caught up on reading some Hacker News types of sites. That’s my morning routine since I am not watching Brooke this year.

As soon as I felt it was late enough to not be the rude neighbor, I headed into the garage. Today is bench press day. Benching isn’t certainly not one of my favorites, but it’s in the program, so I do it. The day began with me not getting the bench lined up correctly. No matter how much I moved, it around the bench just couldn’t be centered or at the right angle. Not only that, but one of the earlier warm up sets I forgot to put a five pound plate on one side of the bar. That felt strange, to say the least.

I finished up my sets and thought that it was far too easy. It turns out on my app I had clicked on the strict press day accidentally, so I went much lighter than on bench press. Oh, well. I’d already put everything away when I realized what I did, so I will just throw today’s lift out and redo it another day. Shit happens. It’s not as if a little extra work will hurt me.

I wanted to get a WOD in this morning early, since I’ve been fairly lazy in the WOD department recently. I have not liked Street Marking’s recent programming all that much. This week’s no exception. Take today’s WOD for example. It has a hundred hop overs at a time. I struggle with those due to my vision and body awareness, and really don’t get much if anything out of them. As soon as I find myself getting in a good rhythm with those, I trip over the sandbag and twist my ankle or something. A hundred at a time just seems stupid for me to do. I went with a shift that was only thirty at a time. That’s a little more tolerable. I used thirty pound dumbbells for the sets of fifteen push presses but went with strict presses. I did the sit-ups, but they’re also a dumb exercise.

I did things I didn’t like today. Maybe later on I will get the gumption to get a better WOD in for me. One that’s more than just doing “something.”

Music for today was Confessor.