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Lifting Really Surprised Me This Morning

To start off with, I woke up too early this morning at about 3:30 and laid in bed wide awake until I got up. I didn’t go to bed early enough last night and that only made matters worse. We ate too late and had Pizza because time got away from us at the softball game, so that kept me awake later than I went to bed. From the time I woke up, I have been feeling too tired to do anything.

Yesterday’s heat and especially humidity has me feeling pretty run down. Summer weather just kills me that way. Sitting in the sun at the softball game (at least it was too our backs) really didn’t help that much with me feeling overheated either. I’ve said it before, but I will repeat it again here. I hate the hot weather in the summer.

The back squats were what I started off the day’s lifting session with. Thankfully these were a light two hundred and five pounds because my legs felt like they had zero energy. Don’t get me wrong, the squats felt great and looked good. It was just mentally tough. They felt light, and I pretty quickly worked through five sets of five at that weight.

Next on today’s list, I had to do the strict presses. I had a fairly heavy weights today for these at a hundred and twenty pounds. They were moving well, really surprisingly well, with my arms feeling burned out from those heavier dumbbell snatches yesterday. I forced a longer rest, but pretty easily and quickly worked my way through five sets of five at that weight. Yes, I did extra sets! My arm didn’t feel that anger at all, even at this heavier weight and after yesterday’s challenging lift. That made me feel great! They honestly felt pretty easy for them being heavier.

Last up for the day were the deadlifts. I did five triples of the deadlifts at two hundred and sixty-five pounds. They felt tougher than I expected for the moderate weight that I was using. It wasn’t as if they felt like I was going to fail a rep. That thought never crossed my mind. My hamstrings are feeling pretty rough from those snatches, so it took a little more focus to make them work properly, but ultimately, I got through the deadlifts fairly easily. Even though it felt a lot more challenging for the weight than it should have, it was really one of those days when I was just enjoying myself doing the pulls. I was just having fun with them and enjoying the music.

It ended up being one of those great days for me in the garage when I was not expecting much at all. It as just me against gravity. The fact that the dew point has dropped from the near seventy yesterday and even earlier this morning to down into the middle fifties should certainly be considering a helping factor. Other than my music, it was pretty quiet outside today. No annoying trucks or lawnmowers. The only sound coming in the screen was a catbird singing and one call from a woodpecker.

Music for my strength Artificial Brain.