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I went For My Crossfit Total Today

I have been wanting to go for my Crossfit total to get an idea of where my strength is for a while now. Originally my plan was to do it on Christmas since we weren’t going anyplace due to social distancing and all that but I wound up getting coronavirus a couple of weeks before so skipped about a week of lifting and then eased back into it to allow my body to fully recover. I thought it was best to not go real heavy and do the total just two weeks after getting suck and decided it best to put in on hold for at least a few weeks and see how building back up to heavier weights went. That went well so I decided today was the day to get an idea of where I am at.

First up was the back squats. These were great but at the same time a little disappointing in a way. The squats themselves felt pretty light and fast but I didn’t really go all that heavy with them. I worked up to a pretty fast and explosive 275 pounds but I felt a slight twinge in my knee so I called it there for today. By the way that rep felt other than the knee thing I feel like I was probably good for 305-315 for a single on the squats on this day but thought it was best in the end to stop while I’m ahead of the game to live to squat heavy again another day. I certainly was left with the impression that I’ve gotten stronger at the back squats.

Next lift up was the strict press. The shoulder press felt good today and I wound up working up to a deceivingly easy one at 155. I gave two tries to 161 pounds and I failed at the same spot on both reps. Oddly the fail wasn’t at my normal sticking point. I am wondering if maybe I didn’t break 160 again if I hadn’t done all of those snatches and handstand stuff yesterday. The 155 pounds was easy and I found the weightlifting belt was a big help if for any reason to give the me confidence that my back was not giving on me.

Finally the third and final lift today for my Crossfit total was the deadlifts. The warm up sets of these felt good and fast. I ended up making it up to 295 for a successful lift with these. I tried 315 but it started slipping out of my hand before lockout. While I am counting this for my own use as a good lift it wasn’t quite locked out simply because I didn’t want to loose the bar and drop it on our floor and break the concrete. We have rubber mats there but that’s really not enough to protect the floor.

Music was Temple Of The Dog