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Finally Broke Through And Squatted 315

I slept well last night again. This weekend we finally put the air conditioner in the bedroom window since the heat and especially the humidity have finally arrived here in Central Pennsylvania. We really got off easy in that department this spring and early summer.

I woke up feeling good and drank my coffee. Since my girlfriend is on vacation, we had a gift card that we wanted to use to go to Dunkin to get more coffee, so we did that. I drank half of it and decided to give my Crossfit total a shot today. For a while now, I have been wanting to do the total and decided to go for it for my birthday. I’ve been feeling like I’ve made great progress with Wendler’s program, especially on squats. My thumb has held me up a bit with the presses but I’ve still been getting some pretty heavy reps in, well above my old Crossfit Trinium max.

The squats felt pretty good warming up. My glute’s been slightly tight so I wasn’t sure how they’d feel but they felt good. My jumps were bigger today than I normally do with the five / three / one program. I had my eyes on the goal and didn’t want to get too tired. The two twenty five set felt awesome and then the set and two hundred and seventyh five pounds felt even better. I only did a single at that weight to warm up but it felt super explosive.

The last warm up set felt so good that I decided to make the big jump to three hundred and fifteen pounds. That’s three plates! It’s been a goal of mine for almost ten years now. I wanted it way back when we went to Crossfit Trinium and never really progressed there past the weight of the one ugly rep that I had. I got above that for singles here at home, then that plateaued. With five three one, I’ve been hitting heavy weights that are close to that often and with relative ease, but I haven’t broken three hundred and ten pounds yet.

The first thing that clicked when I took the three fifteen off the rack was that it didn’t feel heavy at all. It wasn’t even a little heavy. I walked it and got a nice, fairly easy, and explosive squat. I walked away with that lifetime PR but certainly felt that I had another ten pounds or maybe a bit more in the tank. In the video, that squat looked about as textbook for a high bar squat as I’m going to have. It didn’t have any of the slight twisting I get up near my max, since one side is obviously stronger.

The strict press felt good. I got a nice easy one at a hundred and fifty-five pounds which was near my max. I made the big jump to one hundred and sixty-five pounds since I felt like I could physically do it. My wrist found it disagreeable, so I aborted it, but it was a good place to stop. My wrist found the deadlift at three hundred and fifteen disagreeable too, so that was where I stopped. That sucked because the bar was moving really well, and I was near lockout.

Music for today was Candlemass.